My Halloween Decorations...


Thought I would share some of my 2007 Halloween decorations for your viewing pleasure. As you can see I had fun with the decorating this year. I started the third weekend in September! I have to start early, to get everything done in time for Tricks & Treats. AND yes I do pass out candy to the little kids in costume each year. The little kids (& parents too) squeal with delight with my visual displays, lighting, fog machine, & spooky music piped outside. Let's just hope no rain this year on Halloween!

Main tree display

Front tree display closeup

Full house display

Halloween altar

Happy Halloween!


Carolee said...

LOVE your Halloween display, and OMG, Adam Ant, lol!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.....Now I'll be singing "Goody Two Shoes" for DAYS, hehe....

~ Carolee

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks Carolee! You know me, I am always good for a laugh! '-)


LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Adam Ant, SPOOKTACULAR & BEWITCHING BLOG SITE!!! Thank you for your concerns about the firestorms here in CA. It's so scary! Our important papers, photos, cat & dog pet taxi's are waiting at the front door. Thanks also for linking me & posting! LOVE your HALLOWEEN decorations GHOUL COOL CHRIS!

Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks SO much Lyndy for your nice compliments. Adam was a BIG HIT that year! '-)

Please keep us posted re: fire damage!

Take care & have a GREAT day!


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see what this year's costume is... yep "Goody Two Shoes" will be stuck in my head now too.

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks Lori! I think I will be doing Dr. Frankenfurter again this year. I just did not have the time or money to come up with something new...darn it! '-)