Haunted Shamrock ~ ACEO

Presenting my newest ACEO "Haunted Shamrock." My contribution for EHAG's "Hallogreen" Creative Challenge! '-)

Done with archival pen/ink and Prismacolor colored pencils on cold-pressed illustration board.

This auction began on Thurs. 2/28 @ 3:06 PM EST and ends on 3/9/08.

© 2008 Christopher Klingler, All Rights Reserved.


Holiday Queen said...

Now there's a shamrock you don't see everyday! Love that green!!

Designs by CK said...

Thanks Melissa! I was trying to go for a very vibrant Spring green. :)


Random York said...

Hey Chris! I love this shamrock! I am working on a Green-piece, it's mostly not finished but maybe by tomorrow night. Thanks for visiting my blog. That Limoges piece was from the late '90s when I was getting to design a lot for a Limoges company.
Take care- John

Designs by CK said...

Thanks John! I think that is really cool that you had designed pieces for a Limoges company! WOW!

Chris :)

Gothic Rose Antiques said...

Hi Chris,
Top of the morning to you - nice and damp and foggy here, just how I like it...
Love the expression you gave your shamrock! I have a little patch of shamrocks that appear each spring on my mountain side, some of them are four leaf, guess that makes me lucky...

Designs by CK said...

Hey Crystal ~ Thanks for stopping by & thanks on my shamrock!

You're lucky...I'm lucky...we're all LUCKY!!! LOL '-)


Jeannene said...

This Shamrock is neat!! Very Creative Chris, love it!!

I also love your background too! Thank you for stopping by today. Have a lovely Sunday friend;-))


Designs by CK said...

Hi Jeannene ~ Thanks on my new lil' Shamrock ACEO! :-D)