Show ~ N ~ Tell

Thought it would be FUN to share some more of my mural pictures. These were the last two mural projects from 2007!

The train was centered on a child's bedroom wall and measured 6 ft. x 6 ft. The child's parents picked the steel blue color for the engine. I thought it turned out quite well and the little boy was SO tickled with his surprise! '-)

The orchid mural was done in a master bath above a garden soaking tub. The client wanted a Zen feeling and that is what she got! Enjoy :-)


Christie said...

I love this blog and your art is amazing!

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Hey Chris!

I love your mural pics! Those are great! I bet that little boy was so happy with his train mural! Just think...he'll always remember that once he's grown up! And your orchid mural has a wonderful Zen feeling! Beautiful Chris! Bravo!

LOVE the new look and sound of your website too! Just had a chance to go take a look! Your background is perfect!


Designs by CK said...

WOW thanks Christie for the nice compliment on my art/blog and for stopping by! :)


Designs by CK said...

Hi Joycee,

Thanks on the mural compliments. WOW now that is a compliment coming from an amazing muralist! :-))

Glad you enjoyed the new Valentine's version of my blog. The stripes will be back after Valentines! '-)



Hi Chris, I love your murals. I wish you lived in California so you could paint a few murals for us too. Especially your stone castle type murals...

Heck I love your art work so much I'm going to become a Chris Klingler OOAK... LOL WITH JOY!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This should be a month of positive LOVE & MAGICK! Thanks for your positive LOVE & MAGICKAL SPIRIT!!!

Magickal Love & Blessings, Lyndy

Designs by CK said...

Hi Lyndy,

Thanks SO much for being a GREAT champion of my art!!!

Always a pleasure and a treat that we are such great friends too! :-)


Emily said...

Oh!!! I love Orchids and this is beautiful! :) I bet your client was very happy with it!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Emily!

Thanks for stopping by tonight and the compliment on the orchid mural. The client was very happy with it! :)


Mica said...

wow.. i didn't know you did that too !! Cool. The second one is like tromp blah blah.. I don't know how to spell it you know what I am talking about right ??? Nice job. I did a toy chest many years ago for a lient.. i haven't done stuff like this in years. Have a happy weekend.


Designs by CK said...

Hi Mica, thanks for stopping by and your kind words!

I believe the correct term is Trompe Loeil. '-)


Kristen Beason Designs said...

Your murals are fabulous! I'm sure that little boy was thrilled with his special room.


Designs by CK said...

Hi Kristen,

Thanks so much on the murals! AND the little boy loved his train! :)