Funny 4 the Day

Hi Bloggers ~ I have switched to a more PC image.

Hope the cat photo did not offend anyone!!!

Chris :-)


Karen from A`Musements said...

You're a PILL!!! THE CAT STARTLED ME! Gawd, if I did this to my cats, we'd RULE the neighborhood... BOOoooooOooMeow!
Very cool. Thanks for letting me know my heart is still working ;-)
P.S. Hope you are having a sparkly weekend ...

Laurie Hardin said...

Too funny...you always seem to amaze me!!

Christie said...

That cat cracks me up! I can't even get my cats to sit still while I put their flea collars on.

Designs by CK said...

Karen, Laurie, & Christie glad you enjoyed my VUNNY! '-)


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Have a great week!

Carolee said...

Reminds me of that book "Why Paint Cats?"....I just hope people know this stuff is done in photoshop, not in real life! Plenty of nuts out there who just may try it....Eeek!!

LOVE the new music, BTW - very magical sounding. :)

~ Carolee

Velvet Moon Bathery said...

Hope you had a Wonderful 4th my dear Chris!! Thank you for dropping by and for all the lovely comments you have left! I am such a Bad Blogger I need to drop in more often :(
You always make my day when I see a post from you and visit your blog! Eye Candy Galore!!

Have a great week!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

I love that Kitty!!!!! He would be a great asset to my Halloween Party I have every year! He He!!!


Designs by CK said...

Hi Carolee ~ I was wondering if it was a Photoshop trick...Steven was worried it might offend some cat lovers...hope not...I just thought it was cute! '-)

Your new clock is VONDERFUL...I peeked late last night on your blog!

Have a great week!!! :)


Designs by CK said...

Hey Cathy! ~ I am sure it was a Photoshop trick and hoped it would not offend the many cat lovers out there!

Have a great week too!

I will finally be able to catch up on blogging this week. C U soon! '-)


Designs by CK said...

Kim ~ TOO FUNNY!!! (Wink) '-)

Nina ~ Thanks SO much for stopping by and glad you have enjoyed my blog posts!!! :)


Designs by CK said...

Hi Bloggers ~ I have switched to a more ER...PC image!

Hope the cat photo did not offend anyone!!!

Chris :-)

Johanna Parker said...

Now you have piqued my curiosity! What did I miss???? :)

~ Johanna

Ps... The dog's buns look shiny!.....