I want this!

Wouldn't this just make the spookiest Halloween yard decoration? I would love to add this to my yard art collection. A bit pricey, but offered from the always great & high quality Design Toscano.

Here is the link (Click Here)


Christie said...

I agree this would be a fun decoration, I love the new carnival piece that you've done and thanks for the greetings Chris. c

Designs by CK said...

Hi Christie! ~ WELL today is the day...SO I had to say birthday wishes again. Any special plans?

PS: Thanks on my new carnival piece...I think my current MySpace page got me in the spirit! LOL

Take Care,
Chris :-)

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Chris - the Carnival piece is to DIE FOR! - You need to do a book! - or illustrate one - I really covet that piece - I will be on EBAY on the 15th!(just don't let my husband know - ive been banned)

Sweet B

Designs by CK said...

You just made my day Amelia!!! ~ LOL

Thanks SO much. :-)

Have a great weekend.

Spooky Hugs,

Laurie Hardin said...

This piece reminds me of the year my husband dressed as a stuffed JOL head with about 4 other stuffed figures in the yard and a mother sat on his lap to prove to her daughter he wasn't real...he grabbed her (the meany) and he is lucky she didn't wet on him!!! He talked about being buried under raked leaves the next year and I told him to really seriously think about it...he did fake figures instead but not as good as the one in the photo! He has developed a reputation I'm afraid!!! Have a great weekend!

Designs by CK said...

TOO funny Laurie!!! :)