Hi Friends,

I wanted to share the surprise that awaited me in the mail today! A lovely skeleton ornament by fellow EHAG artisan and friend Iva Wilcox. Iva you just made my day today, and I wanted to share your lovely creation. Thanks SO much! :-D)

IF you have not yet visited Iva's blog and her deliciously spooky Halloween artwork, please do...you will be in for a TREAT!

Iva Wilcox @ Iva's Creations


Iva's Creations said...

The little skeleton was calling out to me to be sent to you. He LOVED your Halloween tree and dreamed of being among the spooky ornaments hanging there. So glad he found his way to you. I can see he is so pleased with himself. Enjoy!!
Hugs to you...Iva

Designs by CK said...

Iva ~ I just LOVE him! :)

Thanks again!

Happy Halloween Always,