Funny 4 the Day

Almost TGIF funny & enjoy! :-)

Hope you all are staying warm.

Come on SPRING!!!


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

The angry grill is too funny Mr. Chris!! Look at you on the left!!! Where do you find the time to get everything done that you do? Oh, and silly me about being a follower,...I was so embarrassed.

Have a great day CK!!

oldefrostfarm1780 said...

Sometimes i feel soooo Guilty for being able to Spend the Winter In "Sunny, Warm, Fun, Florida" but it only lasts for 2 mins...LOL...No, just joking...Wish i could take all you "Frozen Sun Craving Souls" with Me..."Sizzling Sunny Hugs"....~adele~

Chris, can you email me your mailing address...fun_art@hotmail.com

Leah's Art Magic said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Angry BBQ! That is too funny!
Thanks for the laugh Chris!


Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi ya Laurie!

Glad you enjoyed my funny & thought I'd better put a RECENT picture of me on my blog! LOL '-)

Now worries on the following, I thought it was funny! Just giving you a hard time. :-P)

Hope this note finds you well!

PS: I just do a little each day to stay on top of things & keep things moving forward.

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Adele ~ DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!!! Just enjoy it!!! If I could do the same I would!!!

My email: cklingler72@gmail.com

Enjoy the sun.

I'll have a cocktail by the fire...that will warm me UP!!!

Chris (-:

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi ya Leah! ~ Thanks for stopping by & glad you enjoyed my funny!

Chris (-:

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...


That's a good one Chris! Love the angry BBQ! My BBQ is pretty angry right now too!

Also....Great new pic of you at the top! Very business-like ...almost undertaker-ish! giggle*giggle JK! It looks great!


Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi JoycEE! ~ So tickled you enjoyed the funny!

Thanks on my new pic too. That pic was of me black tie as best man at my younger brother's wedding two years ago. I LOVE that I look like an undertaker...the similarity ends there tho! LOLOLOLOLOLOL '-O)

Chris (-:<

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Hey, I think your grill has been hanging out with Mrs...over here at Crow Haven Farm...hehehehe Great picture! You make me giggle...and I love it!
Thank God it's almost friday...one to go...whooohoooo

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great pic!! (and new profile pic too.)
Have a fun weekend.

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi Michelle,

TGIF & thanks 4 stopping by!

What did your hubby think of "Count" for his birthday present? Did you get "Beatrice" framed yet?

SpOOky Cheers!
Chris :-)

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks Cathy on the new pic(s) & TGIF!!!

Have a fun weekend too.

Chris (-:

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Great picture!!! Perfect...spooky grill!
I would love to see what you would create in paperclay!!! I have to try it!

Have a great weekend!

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks Marie!

I will be experimenting with my 1st paper doll this weekend to list next week. More details on Monday!

I may have to wait until my birthday (Friday the 13th in Feb.), to get more art supplies (I.E. Paper Clay) $$$. LOL '-P)

Have a great weekend too. :-)

SpOOky Hugs,

Kathy Hunka said...

OMG Chris! That's exactly how I feel! Wondering if spring will ever get here! LOL

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Amen 2 that!!!

Have a great week Kathy!

Chris (-: