Funny 4 the Day

Hi Folks,

I will be busy finishing a large non-Halloween commission this week. Look for new Halloween goodies from me next week!

Have a great week all. :-)

SpOOky Best,


Jodi said...

Can't wait to see Chris...OOoo tell us about your commission...if you can...love to hear about artists projects...

Happy Monday


Designs By CK said...

Hi Jodi,

Thanks & will do. I am doing a series of four fine art pen & ink orangutans...believe it or not.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week!

Chris (-:

Chicken Lips said...

Oh, I do hope you're going to give us a peak! Have a wonderful and CREATIVE week!

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks for weekly funny! You always come up with the best!
happy hauntings, Gail

Designs By CK said...

Will do & you too David! :-)


Designs By CK said...

Thanks Gail and glad you enjoy the funnies! Will be over to visit you SOON!

Have a great week lady!

Chris (-:

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

I hope you share your commission piece! Cant wait to see :)

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

I wanna see your Orangutans! :) I'll bet they are AWESOME!

Tracy M. said...

OK I didn't get the funny at first but now I do. CUTE! Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Have a great week!

Outside the Box Primitives~Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

ME TOO ME TOO... HURRY.. well don't hurry, good wine takes time! robin

Designs By CK said...

Thanks Janell, Candy, Tracy, & Robin!!!

Fine wine does take TIME!

Will share soon PROMISE.

Chris '-)