My 1st You Tube Video!

"Fred & Jen's Halloween Castle 2007"

Hi Folks,

Chris has been working it on YouTube! This whole process has been kind of a delayed reaction and there are many reasons why.

Fred & Jennifer are valued collectors of mine that found me & my art through eBay several years ago. Fred & Jen own quite a few of my Halloween art pieces. They commissioned me in 2007 to do some art for their yearly themed haunted house display. I did six large Halloween circus themed illustrations and sent them the originals. Fred took the high resolution scans and had the images enlarged to frame inside the circus tent. He wanted the pieces to have a vintage cartoon / sideshow banner feel. Fred promised to send me a video of the display which I received a year later (2008), this past Halloween. Fred suggested me putting the video on my website...I was like, "sounds great once I figure out how the heck to do it!" Hehe '-)

This was a project! They sent me the brief video on old school VHS tape...hmmm. SO I had to use a DVD recorder to transfer the video from VHS to DVD. Then I had to figure out how to rip the DVD video into my Mac computer...I found a great free shareware program to do this. Next I had to import the ripped DVD video into iMovie to add the titles and optimize. The next step was compressing & encoding the video/sound for web...OY!!! Lastly uploading the video into YouTube last night.

It was worth it though & hope you will enjoy it. Make sure you turn off my blog music first. Fred & Jen went all out, & had GREAT creepy music to go with for added ambiance.

Thanks again Fred & Jen for this opportunity and what a FUN visual gift to add to my artist portfolio & website!

Update: My website has now been updated with the new video!

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October Effigies said...

WOW!! Amazing haunted house display and art!!!

Patty Benedict said...

OMG!!! Chris that is sooo cool & unique! What GREAT collectors you have!
Thanks for sharing all your youtube info...I have tried a couple of times to post on youtube BUT my camera format is to large for uploads. I looking into getting a new camera.
Again GREAT! Wonderful Creative Halloween video!!!
Bugs & hisses

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

How cool was that!!! Thanks for sharing both your work in the video and the video itself. Don't you just love collectors like Fred and Jen!!

Sorry I got the post up so late yesterday. Crazy day! Thank you again for your generosity, kind sir!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

That was AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing! I love my Mac too...iMovie is a FAV!!!

Chicken Lips said...

WAY COOL!!! What a absolute treat it must of been for kids (and adults!) to experience. Your artwork was PERFECT for that setting. Thanks for sharing.

Designs By CK said...

Thanks ALL and glad you enjoyed the new video!!!

A LOT of blood, sweat, & tears went into getting that 3 1/2 minutes on the web!!! ;-)

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Chris how amazing again...this post was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing and what a wonderful gift! Your art looks amazing in there...I would totally have that as my bedroom! LOL

Love it... thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Very cool and the haunted house scene is great! :)

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Ooooo, Chris.. That was Awesome!! Your art was right at home!! Now.. how can I get me a ticket to this haunted house?! ;)
Kudos to Fred & Jen too!


Phil said...

Great post! I love the art, music and theme. The journey of an analog video in a digital world is too familiar.

Designs By CK said...

Thanks again ALL and glad you enjoyed the video!!!

Phil ~ Analog to digital conversion...NOW that's REALLY SCARY!!! LOL '-O)

Have a great weekend ALL!

SpOOky CK (-:

Jodi said...


I just now saw this WONDERFUL YOUTUBE... Cheese and Crackers tell me that they leave this up year round...I could LIVE there!!! I surely would go more insane than I already am...but what a wonderful trip! Please let them know how impressed I am with their designs. And of course...what makes it all is your brilliant art work...what a impressive setting.

Thanks for sharing, you did a great job...


Designs By CK said...

Hi ya Jodi! ~ TICKLED you enjoyed the You Tube haunted house video!

Believe it or not Fred & Jen do a different theme from SCRATCH each Halloween!!! They are more hardcore than even me!!! LOL '-)

I was wondering if you had seen the video.

Have a great day!

Chris (-: