EHAG Art Blog Giveaway ~ Frightful Fete

EHAG is celebrating it's 3 year anniversary with a new "Frightful Fete" themed blog giveaway & creative art challenge! Artists participating in the blog giveaway (myself included) will be donating a piece of art that you can win. Just visit the EHAG Art blog on Mon. April 6th for more details.

EHAG Art Blog ~ (Enter)


Jodi said...

WOW!!!!! 3 years already!!!...where has the time gone. Sounds like a fun event...I never win anything but I might pop over and throw my name in the hat just for the heck of it...to many wonderful artists to pass it by...
Wish me luck!!

Have a Scintillating Saturday

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

How cool! I'll be sure to stop by and see if I can win a collectible, and hopefylly spooky, goodie!!

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Don't you wish we could enter? I do!


Random York said...

Hi Cheis! Thanks for stopping by! Gosh- Halloween seems too far away again- I could use a little Halloween right now but this blasted, beautiful Spring weather makes creepy thoughts more rare! Your blog and art look Great!- John

CaRniVaLiTy said...

Hi Chris!
Hope all is well! I thought of you today because I made a few more creepy cupcake kids & posted them on my blog. I have to hold them for a few days until a buyer sees them (I promised as she missed out on a few ;) before I know if they are available for sale but I thought you might enjoy seeing your siblings! ha!!
Have a great weekend!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

"I Always feel like, somebody's watching meeeeeee" Gosh I love it here!

Those heads in the boxess, woo hoo!

David Sedaris moved to Paris years ago, and has never visited tourist points, but he knows where to get the best fake body parts and stuff ;) Taxidermy etc...

Oooo, EHAG, must check it out! xoxo

Designs By CK said...

Thanks ALL!

Be SURE to enter the EHAG giveaway on April 6th! '-)

Happy Sunday,
Chris (-: