~ Early Birthday Presents 4 CK ~

"Talky Tina" ~ Bobble Head

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" ~ BluRay DVD

"Decrepit Eyes ~ Antique from Gothic Rose Antiques

Apple Mac Mini ~ w/ DecalGirl Checkered Skin


Georgina said...

OMG, I remember that one...wasn't it with Telle Savales?? Hey, I'm a "Twilight Zone" whore...never miss those marathons on SyFy!! Have a great week and again, have a wonderful birthday!! Mine was on the 1st of Feb. Was born 5 mins. before midnight...I would have been a Ground Hog baby if my mother had not pushed harder!!! LOL TMI!!!!


Christopher A. Klingler said...

LOL ~ OMG I'm so sorry I missed your birthday!!!

Happy belated Georgina and hope it was GRAND fellow Aquarius!!!


mE :-))

yoborobo said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Talking Tina always gave me the creeps, but then so did Telly Savales! hahah! Love your Mac cover, and your antique eyes, and the MJ dvd. Have fun and here's to a spooky birthday! xox Pam

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks SO much Pam!


CK (-: