~ July 31st EHAG Emporium Open! ~

The July 31st EHAG Emporium is now open and updated!

My small format art illustration "Cat Coaster" is now available for purchase!

Update: SOLD ~ Thanks!

Check out all the vonderful EHAG artisan goodies by clicking HERE!


LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Chris, WOW! Your Blog looks FABULOUS!! Love your Cat Coaster Illustration!!!

Thank you so much Cutie Pie for the super comment! My Marilyn Monroe post hit Google in less then ten minutes after posting & only a few hours later my vintage Marilyn collectibles on eBay sold. Really needed that validation that Blogs can help sell on eBay & websites...

Lots Of Summer Love, Hugs & Kisses,

Designs By CK said...

Thanks SO much Lyndy for your kind words about my new art & blog layout!

Hope this note finds you well!

Love ya,
SpOOky CK >:-)