cK 2013 Book Reads

"The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" by William Kamkwamba ~ Inspirational novel I read for my college English Composition class this spring, and wrote an essay on.

"The Funhouse" by Dean Koontz ~ The novelization for "The Funhouse" movie of the same name. Scary and well written, and it was much better than the movie (which I love as well).

"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald ~ I've read it before back in the day in high school, but I will revisit it again this summer. Classic and none of the movie adaptations can still touch it.

"An Inquiry Into the Existence of Guardian Angels" by Pierre Jovanovic ~ My first summer read and it was delightfully exhaustive in its evidence of life after death. I'm even more of a believer now.

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