My Halloween Altar!

Hi All,

Finally got the Halloween night pictures uploaded and am ready to share! I thought the best pic was of my Halloween "altar" which is my pride and joy! I get the most compliments on my display of pumpkins each year. Some of the pumpkins were store bought artificials ( a 1st) carved by yours truly (candle/moth,rat,skellie,& eye). The crescent moon was the only "real" lumina pumpkin. There is a head in a jar, although it's kind of hard to see. The larger pumpkin on the far right is terra-cotta (from Illuminations) and filled with orange string lights and topped with a festive skull!

Enjoy '-)


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Very Nice Chris! Excellent Job!

DesignsbyCK said...

Thanks Kim! :)


*retro-rudolphs* said...

very cool altar Chris!

DesignsbyCK said...

Thanks Lori!! :)