Cafe Soups On!

I finally got my first round of Cafe Press shop goodies stocked! The CK ~ Cafe Press shop is now open and ready 4 business!

I will be adding more items in the coming weeks. Any suggestions for future items would be appreciated & always welcome!

Please enjoy & shop to your heart's content. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your "NEW ITEMS!!" I love what you have, Now I will pour myself a cup of coffee, love that cup;-)) If I think of any suggestion, I will come back to tell you, but your doing fabulous Chris!!

Thank you for your words of encourgment on my blog.


Dianie said...

Congratulations Chris :)
I'm headed on over!!!


Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Congratulations Chris!

I love your all your new items! The coffee mug caught my eye too!


Kristen Beason said...

Hi Chris~
I'll send you a pic of Cole in his t-shirt when it arrives. He's gonna love it!


Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks EVERYONE 4 the well wishes!

Kristen ~ Thanks for the link and T-shirt purchase for Cole. A picture would be great!!! :)

Spooky Hugs 2 ALL!

Unknown said...

Must admit... I am partial to the kids t-shirt too. I need to make some cash first though!

xo, and much success on CP!