Death ~ Tarot PC (14 of 22)

Presenting my newest Tarot postcard "Death." (14 of 22)

Done with archival pen/ink, color pencil, and acrylic paint on a 140 lb. watercolor postcard.

This eBay auction began on Sat. 7/19 @ 6 PM EST and ends on 7/26/08.

Auction Link ~ (Click Here)

© 2008 Christopher Klingler, All Rights Reserved.


Edgar and Edgar said...

Fabulous!!!! Love it! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Designs by CK said...

Thanks SO much Kimberlee!!! :)


Johanna Parker said...

Chris... Your pen/ink work just gets better and better... Have you considered having a tarot card set reproduced?.... :)

~ Johanna

Christie said...

Death in a rose, that's pretty spooky Chris. I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for another fun filled action packed week.

Designs by CK said...

Hi Johanna ~ Thanks for your kind words & compliments on my pen/ink. I am entertaining the idea of doing a LE print set of ALL the Tarot's once they are completed. '-)

Hi Christie ~ Thanks and sure why not...being ready 4 a new week of FUN!!! LOL :)

Hugs 2 BOTH of U,

Jennifer said...

Just gorgeous Chris!

Designs by CK said...

Thanks Jen, what a nice compliment! I truly appreciate it. :)

Spooky Hugs,

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Chris, LOVE IT! And you too of course :)
Have a spectacular day!


Designs by CK said...

Hi Diane ~ You are just the SWEETEST!!! :)


Jeannene said...

I love it Chris...but can you make me a "Life" one...lol!! ;-)) Hey it's not raining here anymore...

Just popping in to say hi, I hope you have a fabulous week. Come by and see some pictures of South Lake Tahoe. Have you ever seen "Rock crawlers?" I didn't until last weekend, come see!!


Designs by CK said...

Thanks SO much Nene! :-)