Tattooed Man ~ Freak PC (2 of 4)

Presenting my newest Sideshow Freak postcard "Tattooed Man." (2 of 4)

Done with archival pen and ink on a 140 lb. watercolor postcard.

This eBay auction begins on Sat. 8/9 @ 4:30 PM EST and ends on 8/16/08.

Auction Link ~ (Click Here)

© 2008 Christopher Klingler, All Rights Reserved.


Jennifer said...

Just keeps getting better and better!

Melissa said...

He's gorgeous!!! Love the bat mustache, the spider eyebrows, the candy corn cheeks and....

Designs by CK said...

Thanks Jen & Melissa!

You BOTH just made my day!!!

Chris :)

Anonymous said...

Chris this is a awesome piece!! I am finding it very hard not to bid! Love it. :)


Colleen said...

what originality...I love this guy.

Great pirate picture too!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love spider eyebrows on tattooed man!!!!

Designs by CK said...

Thanks Leah, Colleen, & Marie! :)

Spooky Hugs,