The Count ~ PC

Presenting my newest vintage-style postcard "The Count."

Done with archival pen / ink and watercolor paint on an antiqued 140 lb. watercolor postcard.

This eBay auction begins on Mon. 9/22 @ 4 PM EST and ends on 9/27/08.

Auction Link ~ (Click Here)

© 2008 Christopher Klingler, All Rights Reserved.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh CK...you have done it again!!!! Wonderful!! He is nice and spooky!

Thank you for the nice note on my new ornament. I thought about eBay but I think I'm leaning to STJ to sell them. I am mixing clay in a few minutes to start the orange one!!! Wish me luck!!

Designs by CK said...

Thanks SO much Laurie! :)


Marie Antionette said...

You always outdo yourself and now its the season to be in your element.Glow ,my creature of the nite.I passed on an award to you,But i know you are very busy , and if you don't have the time ,TRUST ME,I don't mine.Just knowI do love you and your blog.XOXO Marie Antionette

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Chris~
Can't wait to get my new CK postcard, but I happen to view your latest when Cole was next to me and he said, "Cool picture!" Hey, the boy's got good taste ;+)


Fantastic Figments said...

Ohhhhh .. loves it. The mouth is very reminiscent of a sweet transvestite named Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Must be the luscious red lips. As always wonderful!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

He's a goodie!!

Hey I almost didn't recongize you in your new picture!! Great pic!!!


Designs by CK said...

Kristen ~ Thanks & hope you will enjoy your new PC!

Thanks Steph ~ The Frankenfurter full lips were a happy accident! Hehe '-)

Marie ~ Thanks SO much for the blog award. I will post the award on my blog soon!

Thanks Kim ~ The new profile pic is "Jareth" the Goblin King (played by David Bowie) in the movie "Labyrinth."

SpOOky Hugs 2 ALL!
Chris :-D)

Brenda said...

Hi Chris -- Happy Fall to you, too! Gosh, I LOVE your Halloween tree!!!!!!!

Designs by CK said...

Thanks SO much Brenda!!! ~ SO nice of you to stop by!!!

Fall blessings 2 you. :-D)