BOO-cicles ~ Hallomas PC (2 of 13)

Presenting my newest Hallomas postcard "BOO-cicles." (2 of 13)

Done with archival pen / ink, color pencil, and acrylic paint on a 140 lb. watercolor postcard.

This eBay auction began on Sat. 10/25 @ 4 PM EST and ends on 11/1/08.

Auction Link ~ (Click Here)

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Halloween Fanatic said...

BOOORRRRRR...I guess that is what you would say if you were spooky and cold. Thanks for stopping by to see me. I think we are the only two out visiting these days! Robert :)

Christopher A. Klingler said...

BOOORRR is right Robert! LOL '-)

Thanks 4 stopping by my lil' corner!


Unknown said...

So ADORABLE!!! I need to crack that Winter whip. Inspiring as always.

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Thanks Melissa. That makes me feel really good that my new stuff is inspiring!

Have a great week lady. :-)


Fantastic Figments said...

Well my pretty.. I hope you had a good weekend. When I say the boo cicles I instantly looked outside and realized that winter is indeed rearing it ugly face around here. My beautiful trees are almost all bare and I have my winter coat out. BOOOOOOOOOOOO or was Albert says BOOOOORRRRR. I will talk to you soon.


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello my man of the dark realm.Boo-cicles are pretty kool.I had to do alot of catching up on your fantasic blog,for i have not been able to blog due to illness,but much better if not cured.anyway,I'm sorry I missed your first Birthday.Happy Birthday to one of the best blogs.XXXOOO.What a funny costume,where did it come from?I just love all these graffics.I hope i spelled that right.Anyway,I'm having my first contest on my blog,I hope you join in.Its really very simple.don't have to put anything on your blog.Just leave a name on mine.Hugs Marie Antionette

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi Sweet Marie!

SO nice of you to stop by and you always leave me the NICEST comments!

Hope you are feeling better!!! Get well soon.

Happy Halloween! :-)


Christopher A. Klingler said...

Hi Steph ~ Thanks for stopping by, AND I received my lovely package of goodies today. Love all my TREATS..."Jareth" is my favorite. The glitter was a FUN touch and you pack like me. LOL

Thanks for being such a sweet friend!

Happy Halloween Always,
Chris :-)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

It's so cold and snowy today....it feels like iccicles could be seen today!
Happy brrrr Halloween!

Christopher A. Klingler said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRR chilly here 2 Marie!

Happy Halloween lady!

Chris :-)