~ 500th Blog Post & Giveaway!!! ~

Hi Folks,

I almost fell out of my chair today when I realized this would be my 500th blog post!

~ WELL NOW - I have to say a very special thanks to all my regular blog visitors! ~

AND, to commemorate the special occasion I am doing a giveaway! I will be giving away one of my "Haunted Hill House" postcard prints to a lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post to enter. I will be drawing a winner from my lucky cauldron on Sunday Oct. 11th.

Thanks in advance to all that participate! :-)

Winner Update 10.11.09: My 500th blog post giveaway winner is Melissa Valeriote (aka: Holiday Queen).

BIG congrats Melissa! Your new spooky "Haunted Hill House" postcard print will be on its way to you this week. Enjoy!

I would also like to say a very special thanks to everyone that participated. I truly appreciated all the kind words and wonderful posts!


Abatevintage said...

Ck wonderful, sign me up and wow 500 posts that is awesome, congrats, and I have to say I love hearing your music.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

500!! Congrats! Count me in. That is a great picture. It would love perfect on my wall :)


Halloween Fanatic said...

Spooky Sunday to you Chris, please put my name in your cauldron for an opportunity to WIN!! HAPPY 500TH!!! Robert :)

magikalseasons said...

Congrats Chris! :) I love this Haunted House as you already know! Put my name in the hat. :) Wow 500 posts amazing!:) Happy Sunday too!

The Captain said...

Whoa 500 posts! Congrats! At first I thought the giveaway was for that mountain of candy! lol
Toss my name in the cauldron too please.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Ohhhhh Chris....that is WONDERFUL! 500! Congrats sweetie! Put my name in the cauldron pleeeeeeeeeeeeze! :)

Thanks again for wonderful music every weekend. I am chair dancing again!


KatHreN said...

congrats on 5oo....please enter me in your giveaway...I love the house.....love your halloween tree also.

Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore said...

Wow 500! That' great! I would love to be added!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Wow Chris..500 posts! :)
I would very much love to give your "Haunted Hill House" a home! :)..Please enter me!

Nancy Malay said...

I have the perfect spot for that wonderful haunted house, Chris! Please sign me up and congrats on your 500th post!


Georgina said...

Congrats on the 500 post...yikes, 500...you have much to say!! LOL Love the post card, but then love all you work!! Have a great day and equally great week!!



Johanna Parker said...

Wow Chris!!! 500 blog posts?!!! You've been a very active blogger indeed :) Well, I would just love to own that wonderful haunted house illustration of yours... Love your work as always, and thank you for sharing it with the world :)

Happy Haunting Month!
~ Johanna

my tiny studio said...

Wow !! 500 post .
please sign me up :)


Leah's Art Magic said...

OMG! I love this post card!!! OK! sign me up! 500 posts my, oh my!!!

Happy Sunday! :)
(Singing along with Madonna!)


The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

WOW...CONGRATS on the 500th Post..Think of all that fantastic music you have played for us and your awesome artwork you have shared and all of those pictures. Great job Chris. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Throw my name in the cauldron! This piece would look totally awesome hanging in my living room:)

Unknown said...

Hey Mr. Chatter Box. 500 posts is quite an accomplishment! Thanks for letting me know about your oh so marvelous giveaway. I'm blowing away the cobwebs to make room. {{hugs}}

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh please sign me up too Chris!!! Love this piece and congratulations on 500 POSTS!! I think that is the most I have ever heard anyone achieving! They are always a good read so here is to 500 more!

Wanda said...

Oh, my! Please put my name in the hat for this exquisite postcard! I absolutely LOVE it! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I have a special affinity for old cemeteries, too. Thanks for holding this give-away, and congratulations on your 500th post. That's quite a milestone!

Unknown said...

500 posts! You ARE a chatty guy, Chris! Congrats to you and please enter my name in your cauldron - I love this piece. Have a happy and creative week! Lisa

yoborobo said...

Congrats, Chris! You always brighten my day. :) Love the postcard!!

vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Chris!! WOW~~You are so chatty!! ;o) Love the postcard print! Please drop my name in the cauldron........make sure it doesn't drop behind the slab........;o)

Chicken Lips said...

I'm already the proud owner of one of these great postcards, so no need to put my name in the contest - I just wanted to congratulate you on 500 (WOW!) posts!!! Your blog is truly one of my favorite places to visit!

Unknown said...

Darn it, I didn't beat Nana here, but I'll elbow her out of the way just to win!

Also wanted to say Congratulations Chris! I was so happy when I saw your Twinkle drawing in Celebrate 365... YAY for you!!!

Carolee said...

Wow!! 500 is quite a milestone!! Big congrats (and I think this one would look just great next to my Poe, hehe!)

~ Carolee

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

please add my name to the hat!

500! wow! and your blog looks great :)

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

I'm also the proud owner of one of these awesome prints, (hehehe), so no need to add my name to the magic cauldron either...but a HUGE Congratulations to you on your 500th post! WOW! That just amazes me!


Cornerstoregoddess said...

Happy 500th, dollink!

Marie S said...

Oh congratulations Darlink!!! That is a lot of posting, well done.
I would love a chance to have that prize. please, please, oh please!
Have a GREAT week.

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Dear Friends & Guests,

Thanks SO much to ALL that have entered to win and posted comments so far!

Good LUCK everyone!!!

SpOOky CK (-:

Tracy M. said...

Congratulations Chris! LOVE your blog, does the candy cake tower come with the post card? (Hee hee)
Take care,
Tracy M.

Unknown said...

What a great Halloween tree....filled with a great collection of talented artists. Love your work too.....I didnt see any of your things on the tree though, maybe I missed them. I off to look again. Congrats on the 500th post too :) Jackie

Eileen said...

Awesome card! Congrats on your 500th post - that's quite an accomplishment!


ps - I'm having a giveaway, too! Your creations would look great on a big banner!

Unknown said...

Congrats Chris on your 500th Blog!
I love you website & facebook.
As the proud owner of the original postcard, I know anyone who wins the prints will be extremely pleased.
Also LOVE that you have John Carpenter's music on your website.
He is from Bowling Green, KY where I live. Just in case this comes up as my gamil email account.
This is Leigh your special order candle stick holders fan & friend!

Stacey said...

Chris~ the big 5-0-0!! Doing the dance for ya! Thank you so much for sharing your art as well as your heart on here. You always bring a smile. Would love to have a Haunted House in my new spooky studio!

Have a wicked goode day!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

500!! Wow!
Congrats to one of my favorite blog-spots. ;)

Sweet B Folkart said...

500 posts - you crazy man!! Put me in the drawing - but I am going for the real thing - hopping over to make sure my bid is still there.

You know you designed that just for me... how did it end up on ebay - must have been a mistake!


Christopher A. Klingler said...

My 500th blog post giveaway winner is Melissa Valeriote (aka: Holiday Queen).

BIG congrats Melissa! Your new spooky "Haunted Hill House" postcard print will be on its way to you this week. Enjoy!

I would also like to say a very special thanks to everyone that participated. I truly appreciated all the kind words and wonderful posts!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-: