"Black Christmas" ~ 1974

Black Christmas is a 1974 Canadian horror film, directed by Bob Clark, which has a very large cult following. It was written by A. Roy Moore, and based largely on a series of real-life murders in Montreal, Quebec, around Christmas time. Black Christmas stars Olivia Hussey as a young college student who must deal with a deranged killer lurking in her sorority house. Taking only 40 days to shoot, it also features Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin, before either had gained fame in the United States, John Saxon and Keir Dullea round out the cast. The film's inventively eerie score is by Carl Zittrer, and was marketed with the tagline "If this picture doesn't make your skin crawl...It's on TOO TIGHT!"

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Georgina said...

Hmm, must have missed that one!!! Had such a crush on Keir Dullea from "2001: A Space Odyssey" fame. I loved Olivia Hussey in "Romeo and Juliet." I went to see it when I was 17 with my wonderful gay friend, still my wonderful friend, and he and I fell in love with the Romeo actor, as he did!! LOL Got him a big black and white poster of this actor in his cute leotards soon after the we saw the movie and would you believe he still has that poster, framed and in his office...what a riot!!!

Have a great weekend, my friend, and do some misbehavin'!!


Kaerie Faerie said...

looks like a good one to eat lots of popcorn to LOL

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

hmmmm.... pretty sure I missed this. Isn't funny how some B movies get that cult following?

Happy Weekend!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh that sounds good, I love a scary holiday movie, then again I can't find a scary movie yet that scares me lol still searching.


Designs By CK said...

I agree! I've not seen it yet...but thought it looked SOOO creepy! It's gotten great reviews. There was a remake in 2006, but heard it was not nearly as good!

Happy weekend!

Chris (-: